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Monday morning coming down

Loading out on Monday morning...we got a late start, but we're recovering well and things are moving out well. We'll be out of all our spaces by noon, even though we don't need to be out of most of the rooms until 3.

I was up kind of late last night, hanging out in the Logistics party, and didn't get to bed until 0230. Rose at 0830 to alarums and excursions - there was a misunderstanding about when we were supposed to be out of the Menominee room, where our dealers had been, and some confusion about other rooms as well. So I showered, dressed, grabbed the laptop so I could refer to the resume, and camped out in Ops. Which is now empty, 4.5 hours ahead of schedule. So I suppose I could go back to the room and grab all my stuff so that I can clear my room by noon before heading over to IHOP with the rest of the crew for the Dead Dog Party.

It's been another great Detour, our best so far. Next year ought to be really interesting - it'll be our last year in the Thunderbird. Truly, it's the end of the world as we know it. But I feel fine.



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  • 12 Oct 2020, 17:50
    Thank you! I certainly hope the times are less interesting this year, at least on a personal level.
  • 12 Oct 2020, 03:37
    Happy birthday, and I hope your next year is less "interesting" than this one!
  • 10 Oct 2020, 22:52
    Thank you. I knew I left the comments open for a reason.
  • 10 Oct 2020, 22:52
    The position with the election board is temporary, through the end of the election, and working for Block is seasonal as well. I am semi-retired on disability, so employment security is not a major…
  • (Anonymous)
    10 Oct 2020, 22:37
    It seems to me those are governmental jobs you are doing part time. If you can have one of those, you ought to have better employment security.
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