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A long day in the trenches

Well, we all thought Detour was going to hit the registration cap this year, but I don't think anyone thought we'd hit it by 5 PM on Friday. That's what we did, though, and we then spent the rest of the evening (and a good part of the following day) telling people that we had reached our cap and walk-up registration was closed. No exceptions. I was on duty all day from 9 AM when we set up until 10 PM when we finally closed up shop in operations for the night, with a break to do my panel at around 5 and another brief one between 7 and 8 to put my feet up.

Today was a lot easier with just the pre-registrations and badge replacements, and we knocked off at 4 for dinner after getting left off the sandwich order. Back on at 5 and closed at 7, because we only had about 50 badges remaining unclaimed and the number of people looking for replacements dropped to near zero. Besides I wanted to listen to the State of the Goonion address tonight.
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