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Remind me never to bring this up again. Ever.

One of the things that's struck me as weird about local market conditions in my corner of EVE is the ginormous gap between buy and sell prices. People offer to buy (for example) light missiles for 1 at Station A and then sell them for anywhere from 20-30 at Stations B, C and D. I've been making some money in-game buying ammo at 1v for 12-18, running it down the pipe to KZF, and selling it at a markup of 5, which does add up when you're moving a couple thousand units. It also works in the other direction: I bought missiles for roughly the same prices at KZF and am reselling them at 1v. In the latter case I'm underselling people by anywhere from 5-10 ISK/missile.

When I brought this up in the forums and asked people to consider lowering their sale prices and being more generous in their buying prices for rat loot, I was promptly attacked for wanting to introduce "space communism" and wanting to do away with "LOLbertarianism". Since I think most of these people understand economics about as well as they understand particle physics or women I'm not even going to try and explain this in words of one syllable, especially because it's rapidly degenerating into the kind of shitposting and ad hominem attacks I'm so familiar with from /b/. I don't know why this surprises me.

One last bout of EVE last night before Detour. Hooked up with my Canadian buddy Ex2 Wombat and went out ratting, hoping to salvage some of the wrecks I'd left there Monday night. It was not to be, but we did a good job double-teaming the rats. He'd lead off with an armor-tanked Vexor, launch drones and get their undivided attention, which allowed me to show up a few seconds later and start bombing the crap out of the rats at long range. We took some good salvage from that and went on to the next system where soembody was hard at work in a battleship carving his way through the local rats. That somebody wasn't bothering with the loot, though, so we scavenged that and went back to the barn. I came away with lots of good ECM, missile launcher and shield modules, and my fellow wombat scored a lot of autocannon and the ammo to go with it. Good times. I'll probably stay away from the game over the weekend except for occasional check-ins to train skills and of course the State of the Goonion address by Remedial on Saturday night - during cosplay, which I may watch (for the first time!) on my room TV. God bless the Ramada; if only they had two more floors' worth of sleeping rooms and another 10,000 square feet of function rooms. Maybe we can get the Ghermezians to tear down the Marriott and expand the Thunderbird.
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