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Clearing the decks

So the badges are at Insty-Prints being laminated, cut and drilled. Memo for next year: in addition to making sure badges are all landscape and not portrait, make sure they're laid out with no gutters because it makes the cutting guy crazy. Hopefully we'll have all of them by tonight, and if not we'll sort them tomorrow. I have the check-off sheets done so we can put together the group packets, identify sponsors, and tick off the staff and dealers when they come to get their badges. I also have the pages in the Big Book of Pre-Reg sorted out. That came out to 26 pages exactly, so I'm thinking we'll break that down into 3-4 books and make pre-reg processing really fly. The group registration list is exactly half as long as the main pre-reg list, which makes me think this notion of delegating badge handout to the Group Leaders is going to do amazing things towards eliminating the usual Rorke's Drift scene at registration, insh'allah.

I still need to get some help moving the rest of the registration stuff out of my apartment and over to the hotel, but worst case I can grab somebody tomorrow afternoon and book over there in the Kia.

I'm feeling very positive about this, I am.
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