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In which the Wombat lives down to his name

One of the cool things about EVE is that it allows play on many levels at the same time. For example, the grizzled veterans of GoonFleet are working on adapting the tactics of the GoonSwarm to this apocalyptic threat:

This is what every eve player dreams about at night and hopes to see before they die: an incomprehensibly large buttplug.

The Amarr Titan superdreadnought, which can vaporize entire fleets usings its doomsday weapon, has been sneeringly referred to as "a $6000 space dildo" on the GF forums and grouched about as further proof that CCP's developers have it in for RedSwarm, since the damn thing is practically indestructible unless you can catch it under construction, the pilot screws up, or it gets sabotaged, which pretty much covers how the four Titans destroyed so far have bought it.Our Band of DevelopersBrothers enemies have four of them with more presumably under construction. This is what the directors and veteran Goons are thinking about.

My concerns are a lot more basic, like wondering if I'll ever learn not to go ratting by myself in anything less than a battleship, and a heavily improved one at that. Last night I managed to lose three cruisers and two frigates to the same group of rats in exactly the same way: got warp scrambled by their interceptors and couldn't get away from their battlecruisers. I wound up having to podjump down to 77S (Detorid Rock City, springboard for the final station attacks on Lotka Volterra) and get my first Caracal out of there so I'd have something worthy of tagging along in a ratting gang. It was sixteen long jumps back from there at 4:30 AM, and mighty creepy it was, too. The only other ships I saw all along the route were some gatecamping rats at some systems along the pipe into and out of 0W, which is one of the big new stations we got last month. I blew past the rats and kept going, since I'd messed up the time zones and thought the system would be going down at 0500 local instead of 0600.

Maybe I can get my Canadian buddies to come with me tonight so I can at least get some of the more expensive parts back from the wrecks of the lost ships. Shield hardeners against explosive damage are neither cheap nor easy to come by out here in 0.0 space. :(

Yes, tatsmaru, this post was especially for you.
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