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No sleep 'til Detour

That seems to be the way it's working out this week. I went to bed at a quite reasonable hour last night (10:30 PM) but did a lot of tossing and turning before eventually getting back up at 3 and staying up until 5, at which point I went back to bed and managed to nap for a couple of hours before finally getting up and going to work. Not sure what's going on - probably stress from all this BS with the badges. :(

I'm more than a little worried about this. Every time my sleep schedule gets screwed up in a major way, bad things happen, and this is not a time when I can afford bad things to happen. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'm going to catch a break until (maybe) Thursday night. We'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, work is a great yawning void of boredom this morning. I've accomplished practically nothing today for the glory and profit of the Evil Banking Neighbor. Fortunately, what I do has zero effect on the stock price, which is continuing to rise after dropping like a rock last week along with the rest of the S&P 500. I'm waiting for it to rise another buck or two before I cash in my last set of options; hopefully the price will get up to $35 or maybe even over $36 in the next week or so. I need that money for some outstanding medical bills and my Praxis II exams next month, and obviously the more of it there is, the better.
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