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Obligatory internet spaceships post

In between bouts of swearing at the useless printer and hacking the membership database for great justice I did actually get in a little EVE time on Sunday.

Took my Caracal out for a spin, running some antimatter railgun ammo down to KZF so I could work the price spread for great Jewsticeand make some ISK, which I was (and am) in sore need of. I then sat around the the gate after loading up on Bloodclaw light missiles for resale in my crib at 1v waiting for this guy in a Ferox to head back, since there were gankers in the pipe and a lonely bee is often a dead bee. I couldn't afford to be dead, but after 3-4 other goons came and went through the gate I got sick of waiting and headed up the pipe. It was clear; I made it home okay and posted my missiles for sale. A few minutes later the guy in the Ferox got back to me and invited me to go ratting with him in XV (a system about halfway through the 1V/KZF pipe) so I did. We blew up some stuff, I took some fairly serious hits (71% damage to armor and structure), and we abandoned the loot (over my protests) to go back and refit my missile cruiser. After a stupid market mistake where I bought three heavy launchers in the wrong system, we got the Caracal refitted with all heavy launchers in the high slots and some different shield tanking gear in the middle slots along with an afterburner. ECM went away in the refit, but my pal in the Ferox bought some other shield gear I had sitting around for 500K so it was all good. The new setup is a bit of a pain since I can't have everything powered up at once, and I may just dismount some of it in favor of stuff that doesn't drain my cap so much. Also, I like being able to turn on the ECM and keep the rat I'm shooting at from being able to lock onto me. We'll see how this works out, but probably not until next week because all my time in the evenings is going to be eaten by Detour and/or sleep.
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