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One was bad luck. The other was just stupid.

I had a Blackbird EW cruiser for about twenty minutes yesterday. I'd just finished running some ammo from 1V down to KZF to take advantage of the insane difference in price and make some ISK, and was planning on picking up a new Caracal missile cruiser since there had been a listing for them on the GoonFleet forums offering them for 4.2 million. Unfortunately when I looked that up on the market there weren't any listed - all the cheap Caracals were back where I'd come from. Aaaarrrgggh! So I settled for a Blackbird instead, since I'd been working toward one all along and they were nice and cheap (about 3 million) at KZF. I fitted it out, loaded it with a bunch of stuff I was going to haul to 1v to fit on the Caracal I was going to buy there, and lit out for home in my brand new cruiser.

Now, we'd been having problems with enemy ships slipping into KZF and ambushing unwary newbees; periodically they would also have ganksquads infesting the stations along the KZF-1V pipe waylaying newbees who were stupid enough to make the run without checking chat to see that the pipe was clear. I'd just come dow the pipe in a Kestrel missile frigate, which is fast to start with and had been souped up with afterburners and stabilizers to make it practically impossible to stop, and there had been one lone enemy in one system, probably off in the asteroids ratting or something.

The run back was a different story. First jump no problem, second jump I zoomed through an enemy gatecamp when I came in and warped to the exit gate - right into an interdiction bubble. I died, and all the cargo I was carrying got blown up, according to the killmail.

Well, at least the insurance covered the new Caracal...which I lost sometime around 4 AM stupidly ratting in the 1V belt. Stayed a little too long beating on a pirate cruiser and got waxed by his battlecruiser buddies. At least I managed to get in and salvage most of the gear on that one, which made fitting out its replacement a lot cheaper. Now I'm down to about 180K I need to buddy up with someone and run a mining op or something, or do some ratting in a gang so I can take on some big-time rats with seriously salable loot. Next week, after Detour, I think.
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