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So that's what the problem was

I didn't spend all my sleep-deprived time early this morning playing spaceships on the internet. I also cleared up some more free space on Cowzilla's hard drive by deleting some games and the incredibly annoying software for the router. So now I have 20% free space on the hard drive and can watch YouTube again, to say nothing of everything working a lot more smoothly and not dropping the wireless connection every twenty minutes. Of course, hooking the other Ethernet connection (on the USB hub) into the router may have helped too, I don't really know. The kids are the network geeks in this family, not me. Anyway, once I can figure out where I can squeeze out a couple hundred bucks for an external hard drive case I can clear off a bunch more pornstuff from Cowzilla's hard drive and then things should run even more smoothly.
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