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itp fish

I brown-bagged it today, but when lunchtime rolled around I tnought about it briefly and then rolled out for a fishburger.

I'd noticed a sign in the window of myburger advertising its fish sandwich combo for $4, so since that was closer than McD's I thought I'd try it out. Unlike their mediocre gutbombs, these don't suck. The standard version has no cheese, which as far as I'm concerned is bonus since I don't really care for American cheese on my slab o' fish, and their fries seem to have improved since the last time I went there several months ago.

Speaking of McDonald's, they have a double Filet o'Fish sandwich which is basically the Lent version of the DQP. It's all right, I guess, though I take points off for the cheese and way too much tartar sauce. Also, there's no reason to get this since most McD's are running a $2.42 mix and match special with the regular Filet o'Fish and large fries, unless you're being a fanatic about the carb count and think the extra bun is going to make that much difference. In which case you should go home and eat broiled cod or some other generic whitefish. Masochists or folks feeling the need for extra penitential mortification should go for the canned salmon, or worse yet canned mackerel, because both of them taste like they used only the assholes of the fish.
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