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What with all the sudden surge of actual work at work (we're bringing the monthly invoice process to an end here) I can't really do a lot of data entry at home before my wrist and shoulder start hurting, so I didn't get through too many (~200 being my definition of not many) forms last night before I gave up and closed the spreadsheet. This left me with time to play EVE, which was a really bad idea...

I had just finished training up to Medium Hybrid Turrets (which meant I could finally put some guns on my cruisers that would actually do damage to most of the local rats), surveying the relative prices of ammo at 1v - where I was - and KZF - where I intended to unload said ammo for a healthy profit - and assembling what I thought was a pretty slick Caracal, when I undocked and prepared to make the run to KZF. The alert channel in chat had mentioned an enemy ganksquad in 1v, but I wasn't too worried - the Caracal was carrying enough shield that I figured I could blow right by them into the jumpgate without too much trouble, especially since I had a good-sized afterburner in a middle slot.

I never made it out of the station. As soon as I stuck my nose out of the dock, the enemy ships (who were camping the station instead of the gate) warp scrambled me and blew me away before I could either light the AB or shoot back.

Well, a couple of hours later they were gone, and when I stuck my nose out again (in an expendable Merlin) all of what I'd been carrying was too - the gang probably salvaged whatever was left after they waxed me. Ah, well, spoils of war and al that, but it left me with less than 10 million ISK and only one cruiser, the Osprey I'd left docked in KZF. Where I was supposed to meet my Canadian goon buddy Ex2 Wombat and pick up some skills, for which I owed him a million ISK and change. I made it through the pipe okay, sold the excess ammo I was carrying, and spent some time adding to the guns on the Osprey before heading out with my fellow burrowing marsupial to kill rats and loot their wreckage. This we did, getting lit up badly enough on three occasions to force a return to the stations at either end of the pipe and get fixed up. We killed a fair number of rats, though, and made off with some fairly shiny loot, some of which we sold at decent prices, some of which we hung onto, and the rest of which we melted down for more money. All this took time, however, and the next thing I knew it was 2 AM. Urk. Well, at least blowing rats into wreckage relieved some of my stress in addition to filling my in-game wallet.

I'm probably not going to have a lot of time over the weekend to do EVE, and I definitely need to get a handle on the time I'm spending online...especially with guys who are operating on mountain time. It's nice to have a buddy with a battlecruiser, but not so nice being up until 2 AM on a work night...
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