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Still mediocre

I actually had my annual review meeting last week, but it took a while for my supervisor's boss to get around to reading & signing the official copy. It was the usual mix of good, bad - oh, excuse me, "meets standards" and "needs improvement". I'll wind up with a 3% raise, which works out to an extra $20 or so in every paycheck for my remaining time here. It'll help. In other news, the auditors are supposed to show up and hang out for three weeks, which means I have to keep my desk clean and cabinets locked. *rolls eyes*

I went to bed early last night after getting home from a resume meeting that wasn't; the sales rep had a family emergency and cancelled on me.We'll get together Friday, which is the last day for changes to the resume anyway.

Feeling a little better this morning but still stressed about the damn badges.
EDIT: Also, grumpy because the Kensington Orbit trackball I use at work finally died and the admin didn't order its optical replacement until today. It'll be here tomorrow, but in the meantime I have to use a salvaged Compaq wheel mouse. My wrist hurts already. I would have bought my own damn Orbit over the weekend, but nobody had them in stock - all they had were Logitech WheelMouse trackballs, which (as I remarked to stuckintraffik) look like sex toys and not honest computer peripherals.

Music is somewhat misleading - am actually listening to a mix CD of anime music jamestrainor put together for me. Have to find out what series the music is from.
Tags: anime detour, domestic stuff, work
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