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When do you think it stops?

Didn't sleep well last night thanks to the cold and the time shift and being all cranked up over badges. I'm functional this morning, but only just, and I have a meeting after work at the Thunderbird with our sales rep to go over the resume and some other matters. Woop woop. Feel the excitement.

The weather lately has been nice by local standards, which is to say clear, sunny and with daytime highs in the 40s. Most of the snow that dropped on us last week has melted and run off to cause flooding elsewhere, and if it does in fact rain today or tonight that'll speed things up. I'm hoping the clear weather holds for another couple of weeks, after which it can rain like Manila in the monsoon for all I care.

I don't even want to think about Convergence at the moment. but there's a staff meeting on the 17th. Fuck fuck fuckitty fuck.
Tags: anime detour, convergence, domestic stuff, ihtfp
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