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carnage carnage carnage

Frustrating day on the internet spaceships front...all of the cash I made the other day helping my Canadian wombat brother sweep up after his buddy's rat kills is now gone, and an addition 10 million besides. Enemy ganksquads infested the KZF refinery system in force today and bagged a couple of my Caracals (and a bunch of other goons' ships too), podded me once, and also nailed a Merlin I was scouting in when a bunch of us got together to beat on them. At least we chased most of them out of the system. I got a couple free Merlins out of it, but my wallet is seriously depleted.

So I'm organizing a mining crew for tomorrow night, which if nothing else will serve as bait and hopefully get some of the hostiles killed before they can trash my new mining cruiser. We'll see what happens.