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Well, of course I went out mining. I'm a wombat.

Wednesday night was all about alarums and excursions, as a ganksquad of enemies was harassing stuff in the KZF system while all our heavy hitters were off on the other end of the galaxy blowing up the YouWhat corp stations in the Cloud Ring sector and generally acting like a bunch of bloodthirsty Mongols. This left those of us too poor and/or new at this stuck in 28Y and KZF trying to cope with random assholes who were looking to dry-gulch a lone miner or ratter.

Part of the problem is that it's hard to get a coordinated op going without the enemy finding out, and since the enemy in this case is mostly covert ops ships or interceptors that can run away from anything they can't kill (unless we can tackle them first, heh heh) they're pretty difficult to hunt down even if you do get a dozen or so guys together. We eventually did this Wednesday night, put some folks out ratting as bait, and eventually bagged a couple of hostiles at the cost of a disposable frigate.

Last night the hostiles were elsewhere by the time I got into KZF from 1V (four jumps up the pipe) which was sad because I'd bought an Osprey mining cruiser and rigged it as a Q-ship, hoping to pose as a miner and then fill someone full of uranium railgun slugs and missiles if they got too close. As it turned out, all I caught were some rats in between bouts of mining, but I made about 120K off the salvage and ore sales so it was all good. We'll see what happens tonight.
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