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Back to the garage for a bigger hammer

Last night I was supposed to close the deal with Khefron for the two Caracal missile cruisers at 1V, but things were derailed by the fact that I'm a newbee on a trial account, and so can't transfer ISK to real players. (I can receive it, I just can't send it. Baaaaaah!) Fortunately, he's willing to wait until Friday. However, this left me in 1V without a ship. I managed to cobble together a Kestrel missile frigate and spent the evening playing target for Havoc missiles in company with a Canadian flying a Vexor drone carrier and a newbee Brit in one of the free tackling frigates that GoonFleet hands out. We eventually did in the four rats we were after in the IAK system (after a lot of shuttling back and forth to let shields recharge and get armour* repaired) and got some serious loot, but since it was near midnight by the time we got done with the rats we agreed to split things up tonight and maybe make a run to Empire space to pick up stuff we can resell in the Goon Free Trade Zone for mo' money, mo' money, mo' money!

Seriously, the markup on stuff in 0.0 is just insane. For example, Bloodclaw missiles that sell for 9.50 in Caldari space go for almost three times that in 1V and KZF (to name but two RedSwarm stations) and those are fairly common items. So you can imagine what the less common/more complex gear sells for. We ought to make quite a profit, which will be good since at this point I'm into jamestrainor for something like 55MM ISK, and I'd like to get a start on repaying that. Eventually I want to move back down to 77s and start cranking out the supplies that the Fleet is going to need when it moves against BoB.

*Since I was the token American in the gang, I defer to my partners' usage. ^_^
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