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Convoy here, convoy there...

The volunteer meeting went pretty well, at least from my perspective - lots of folks signed up for Registration despite what I thought was a pretty incoherent and rambling monologue about what we do and when we do it. Then again, I was following Logistics and Operations, who (to be charitable) are not the most entertaining speakers and who also both wanted 18+ people. Me, I'm not so picky about my gophers. *shrug*

Many dishes were washed before the meeting, more afterwards, bread was baked (although I forgot/was distracted from adding the raisins to what was supposed to be Irish Cake) and work was done on the registration database. The pasta salad was finally assembled, and it was Good. The desperation move of using ranch dressing instead of mayonnaise actually worked out rather well, and slicing up the remainder of the Buddig Honey Ham likewise. I have to remind myself to stop buying that stuff; it's a time-consuming pain in the ass to make sandwiches with it, and all the Buddig meat flavors taste like chipped beef...except the chicken and turkey, which taste uniquely vile.

Last night was mostly spent as a scout for a convoy out to a new outpost at 6T3 and back to Rock City, as I related earlier today, and today was spent in a convoy from Rock City to 1V ("Teenagers Have No Judgment" Station). After the convoy broke up there was a scream for help from down the pipe, so about 70 of us got ready to head down there - and I got kicked. For the next two hours I fought with the wireless card, the router, even rebooted Cowzilla, but nothing worked. I could not get logged back into EVE. Finally, around 2200 I got back on - and by that time the shooting was all over and I'd missed all the fun. Since swanning around alone usually gets you killed (our enemies have taken to gate-camping in isolated systems and whacking lone travelers) I decided to hole up at 1V and wait for my Caracal to be finished; meanwhile, I'll polish my skills. Hard to believe I've spent the better part of two days zooming back and forth in convoys from here to there and not been shot at (or shot anything) once. This is no way to make money! ~_^