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Jobs well done

Moderately busy day today, even if I didn't get any domestic stuff done - went out with jamestrainor to the Eastern Buffet and Best Buy, talked a lot about EVE and my frustrations from my first night in GoonFleet, and had a pretty enjoyable afternoon, after which he went home to shovel snow and I went to WalMart to do the first of several errands. Among those errands was stopping by the library and picking up my reserved copy of Orson Scott Card's Empire, so I can see if it's as bad as jamestrainor thought it was based on his reading of the sample chapters.

Got home and sent out the first wave of notifications via e-mail to various groups we've gotten into the database; going to spend part of tomorrow getting caught up on the dealers, probably after the volunteer party but we'll see what happens. Also tomorrow, bread making, pasta salad making, and definitely some dish washing.

Friday night was my first night in GF, and in truth it was pretty aggravating. I podjumped out there to their turf (leaving behind a perfectly good cruiser) and picked up three tackling frigates for nothing, which was good; what was not so good was trying to find something to do with them. I wound up getting invited to join an op about 15 jumps back toward Caldari space, couldn't find anyone to convoy with me, and decided to go solo. Predictably, I got killed. What enraged me was that the way out from Caldari space was clear. I could have made the 30-jump run in with my cruiser and hooked up with the guys who were camped on the border practicing the NBSI* rule, but noooo, I let the folks in the GFHELP chat talk me into podjumping. So of course I got shot up and podkilled four jumps short of where the other guys in my squad were. Suckimus maximus. I was totally filled with rage at the waste.

So Saturday, having learned nothing from this experience, I tried to run solo down to 77s Detorid Rock City, and predictably got shot up and podkilled again. 0.0 space is Serious Business.

Third time was a charm - jamestrainor came on and assembled a convoy, we jumped down there with a mixed bag of seven cruisers, frigates, and other stuff, and of course there was nobody around but NPCs. I wound up going on to 6t3, where our enemies had WALKED AWAY from an outpost and left its shields unpowered. Unbelievable. So a bunch of us hung out there reinforcing the shield until we got it up to the magic number of 30%, and then convoyed back to Rock City. It was pretty cool even if I didn't get to blow anything up. And next Tuesday I get to replace my Caracal for less than I spent to buy the one I left behind. ^_______^ Now if I can just promote some moneymaking action I'll be good to go. Maybe I ought to get back into mining...but that's a project for another day.

*Not Blue (i.e. friendly) Shoot It. Yes, that means neutrals get ganked. You're not with us, you're against us, amirite?
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