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Not much of a blizzard

There's about 17" of snow on the ground this morning, but enough people stayed home from work that getting to the P&R and riding the bus to work was no more difficult than getting home was yesterday, albeit without the ramp-sliding excitment from yesterday. This is the way it is; we get a foot and a half of snow, the plows go out overnight, and the next day it's business pretty much as usual, except for some state offices, schools, and business that decided to take the day off.
The Evil Banking Neighbor isn't one of those.

For once, I got through the session without getting my ship killed. I finished up the mission I was on, looted the corpses, ran a courier mission and started another anti-pirate job...and partway into it had a brain flash. "WTF am I doing?" I thought. "I've got Caldari Cruiser 2 trained up. I could be crushing these NPCs in a Caracal instead of having to dance around in a Kestrel." And so I warped out, went down to Jita 4/4 and bought myself a Caracal, stripped off all the stuff from my Kestrel and loaded it into the new cruiser, packed on some anti-kinetic shield stiffeners and an ECM burst transmiter, added another missile launcher, and piled an assload of Bloodclaws into the hold. Then I went back to Kisogo deadspace and kicked much ass, took much loot and cashed it in. I think I'm just about ready to accept the GoonFleet offer and start my new career as an EW pilot, or maybe just do some tackling. Whatever the Fleet needs...they fronted me 30 million ISK through jamestrainor, and it's time to make good on that.
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