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As a military brat and scuffling member of the middle class, nothing gets me pissed off like some insanely rich SOB telling me I need to lower my standard of living. Especially when the preachy bastard in question isn't walking it the way he talks it. Don't even start with that "carbon offset" bullshit, either. I already made it clear what I think of that nonsense, and Iowahawk drives the point home with more humor - and some bumperstickers! Just in case you STILL haven't gotten the message that carbon offsets are just another shuck and jive from the folks who brought you Global Cooling, The Population Bomb, The Limits to Growth, and other excuses for transnational progressive Naziism, we'll let the economists walk you through a short discussion (with simple charts) of why buying carbon offsets can (and probably will) actually make things worse by encouraging more coal-fired power plants to run more often. So as I argued in my previous post about the carbon offset silliness, there's really not a whole hell of a lot of difference between the modern indulgences sold by the Church of Gaia and what the Catholic Church was doing in the late Middle Ages, except that we at least got some cool art and spiffy buildings out of the latter. Hell, you might as well buy into IowaHawk's EcoPals Network; at least you can be sure the money is going to the worthy cause of keeping da Hawk liquored up and working on the Coupe of Justice.

I have to say that the odd couple of Eric Scheie and Ann Coulter have both noticed that the Greens haven't made the obvious move if they're really serious about this whole global warming thing, not even by way of leading by example. Perhaps that's because (as the Odd Couple also note) they don't have the chance of a snowball in hell - or a wind farm off Martha's Vineyard, LOL - of convincing most Americans to put down their Whoppers and Big Macs to save the planet.

And on that note, I'm off to lunch. Screw you, Algore. Up yours, "Mother" Gaia. It's all meat except for the starchy stuff.
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