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My name...is OBAMA!

Doesn't this line from Peggy Noonan's column yesterday just cry out for a Photoshop of that scene from The Matrix where agent Smith stares angrily from an eye whose protective sunglass lens has just been shattered?
If only for a moment, less inevitable.
(Ed Driscoll)
Don't let me down, internets!

Semi-related: I hope whoever's playing Stephen Colbert socked away plenty of his salary for a rainy day, because the real thing just showed up and evidently ate his lunch. I didn't see it, of course, but everything I'd heard about it was pretty negative. The Nielsens were apparently very good - 1.4 million total viewers, compared to Colbert's 1.2 million and The Daily Show's 1.5 - and once the show goes into a regular rotation where they can do some topical humor the numbers should get even better.
(Ed Driscoll)

Wandering further afield, but still dealing with the tube, Spook86 gives another example of the reason I gave up watching 60 Minutes long before I gave up television. Short version: lies, damned lies, and "fake but accurate". Spook also gives a refresher on the "Petition for Redress" astroturf movement that purports to be this generation's VVAW.
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