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EFF barking up the wrong tree?

I'd been vaguely aware of the Army getting into monitoring milblogs for violations of OPSEC and the like, and didn't get too excited about it; it's an Internet Age updating of some of the same work I and my fellow linguists used to do back in the day. (There were also troops who spent all their time doing this sort of work, and they were regarded as one step above pond scum.) I hadn't been aware that the Electronic Freedom Foundation had stuck its nose into the matter, but I have to say this strikes me as a sure loser on their part. There has never been any question but that you accept limits on your free speech rights when you put on the uniform, and that goes double for the troops in time of war. So it strikes me that the Army was actually a tad late in deploying AWRAC; for sure the jihadis have been looking over the milblogs since they first heard of them.