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Ash Wednesday

Well, here we are again in Lent. I try not to make a habit of beating myself up in public about my many failures as a Catholic, but looking back over the last year it's hard to avoid the truth that this has been a pretty sucky year for me as far as the spiritual life goes. I do have the excuse available that all of this is harder without a supportive community, but it's just that: an excuse. So. I'll take another shot at using the next forty days to get my soul squared away as much as I can, and hope for the best.

It might be mildly amusing to put up a poll asking what people think I should give up for Lent, but on the other hand making a big public deal out of it strikes me as being pharasaitic, and I'm afraid I do too much of that already.

Song unrelated, BTW. No, really.
Tags: it's a catholic thing
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