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Fat Tuesday

My sleep cycles got pretty seriously messed up over the weekend, but I managed to get up and get things done this morning in time to catch the bus. Thank goodness the cold snap is over; it looks like we'll be above freezing here for the rest of the week, with a slight dip into the twenties early next week before it warms up again in time for March.

The right leg continues to heal slowly. It hurt a little bit this morning, but not enough for me to go for the Tylenol, so I ignored it and the pain eventually went away.

I've started teaching jamestrainor the rudiments of Excel. There's no point to his trying to compete with all the unskilled labor out there when he can go into the (non-violent) family business, and for better wages at that. Last night's instruction didn't go very far since there's only so much you can do without data files, which I didn't have. I'll probably e-mail him some old files from work or something that he can fiddle with.

Tonight, laundry. Unless I decide to veg out with Civicrack instead, which is what ate most of yesterday.