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I never liked it anyway.

From England comes word that organic food not only may not be better for you, but it's worse for the planet too. I've always felt organic food was overrated anyway; we've spent the last 2000+ years modifying food to look better, taste better, and be easier to grow (pick 2 of 3, as the old joke goes) , so the current fad to go back to free-range this and pesticide-free that strikes me as just another aspect of the neo-Luddite nonsense so popular with some folks. Me, I grew up eating commissary and mess hall food, so I can't tell the difference between free-range chicken and Frank Perdue's finest...actually, I can. The Perdue chickens are bigger and cheaper, and taste pretty much the same after you fry them up. 'Nuff said.
Tags: culture & politics, food
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