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Crystalline germicidal placeholder

Stayed up until after midnight taking care of the laundry, after having to turn Melody's bedroom inside out to find the laundry card I'd loaned her last week, which she had sworn was on her desk. Under it, more like. Still, I slept well, probably due to the Negra Modelo I used to wash down the chili I had for dinner. (What the heck, I wasn't driving.) Woke at 0615, checked e-mail, did breakfast (and found the missing issue of StippleAPA quite by accident while closing the porch door), showered, dressed and took off for the garage, since I had missed the bus. Caught up with it at the Park & Ride and so avoided paying the heinous $11 daily fee for the third day in a row.

I didn't get a whole lot done in the way of organization last night. Threw out some garbage, put some things away, but mostly sat around and vegged while waiting for laundry to finish. Played around with Moscow in SimCity3000...unfortunately the scenario starts in 2063, so you don't really get to build the place. Re-read Blood Red Skies and tweaked a couple of things, but didn't do any new writing.

So far today I've been very moody. One minute cheerful and awake, the next minute morose and drained. Maybe it's the weather.
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