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Not my night, either

So I manage to wrap up everything by 5:30, head out the door, swing by the post office to pull out today's mail, get on the 576, and arrive at the P&R...only to discover I'd left my truck key at the office. Great. That meant a hike up the hill to the 76th & Newton bus stop (in fron tof Best Buy) and a trip back downtown. When all was said and done I didn't get home until 8 PM, where I found a notice from the Campaign Practices Board proving that they can't add: they think I had $500 left over after my campaign for the State House back in 2002, so they want me to cough up $100 in fines for filing late and another grand in penalties. Well, fuck that. When I closed the damn campaign account in 2003, I was actually ten bucks in the hole, having paid three months' worth of service fees out of my pocket since I kept forgetting to close the account. So if they want money from me they can get in line and sue me. If I had $1100, I'd give it to my foot doctor and Health East for back clinic charges, to say nothing of the IRS.

I settled in and started hacking on the sloppy excuse for a Russo-Polish War scenario I have here and lost track of time, which is why I'm doing this at 0245. It's not like I have anything to get up early for tomorrow anyway.

The original Russo-Polish War (or should I say the latest?) went down in 1920-21, and you can find all the historical details in Wikipedia if you're so inclined. Like the Russian Civil War that was going on at the same time, it was full of bad craziness of a lethal nature, screwed-up politics, and a dog's breakfast of weapons and tactics; there were actually a couple of battles where the Poles won because they charged sabers drawn into the Red Army troops and cut them to pieces, which elsewhere in the world had gone out with the Battle of Mukden. Unfortunately most of the handy sources are vague on details like order of battle, equipment, etc. so I decided to go hypothetical and push the war up to 1934-35, which allows the use of all kinds of cool armor and airplanes. and allows me to do a little Spanish Civil War-style goofing around with an Italo-Spanish semi-motorized corps coming to the aid of the Poles, to say nothing of rearming the Kosciuszko Squadron with P-26s ^_^ Anyway, it's goofy but it's fun.

And that's it for tonight. Tomorrow, cleaning, expulsion of garbage, data entry, a library run, and some sloth and indolence. It's a three-day weekend!
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