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Duty or sleep

It's going to be sleep. I can work on this registration stuff tomorrow and Wednesday night. Aside from the data entry of groups and dealers, I need to empty out one of the file bins and at least make a start on filing away the thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of forms that have come in. Tonight is not the night, though.

The legs are progressing well - the leaks in the left leg are almost completely healed over, and the right leg looks a lot better too. There's still enough lymph fluid seeping out to make me wish I'd gotten more J&J surgical sponges instead of these lame Walgreens gauze pads, which really aren't thick enough to sop up all the ooze. A curse on the Feds who deny me the ability to use my HSA debit card at Wal-Mart!

The answer is clearly more sleep, though. I fell asleep Saturday night and woke up feeling horrible at 0530 and immediately realized why - I'd fallen asleep without sticking the nose hose in! First time that's happened in a few years. Sunday night was better, but I was apparently too sleepy when I set the alarm and forgot that it was set for 1000. Fortunately I woke up this morning at 0645, so I had plenty of time to get showered, dressed, test my blood, and wash down the meds with a glass of Land o'Lakes OJ. Which I actually bought just for the taters, eggs and sausage that came with it for free, but it's no worse than some juice I've had in mess halls or OCB. Grabbed the rest of breakfast on the way to the P&R, and I have to say it's a load off my mind to be able to use the drive-through without gassing the people staffing the windows.

Work was. Lots of billing files, lots of new products and product changes, lots of calls from people wanting to know what this charge is on their GL Report...it was a pretty full day, and I fell asleep on the bus home listening to Republica. I don't think the hummus and extra fries I had with the lunchtime gyro helped, frankly.
Related, but superior: today's result of the random walk through Wikipedia. It's always shawirma to me, though someday I'll have to scope out the tacos al pastor , the doner's Mexican cousin.
It almost makes me want to head over to Gyropolis, but not tonight.
Tags: anime detour, food, medical stuff, work
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