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It's deja vu all over again on Wednesday

Joe Moran says in the Guardian:
You might proclaim your undying love for someone and mean it, but you are not exactly being original. The words "I love you", as the literary theorist Jonathan Culler once wrote, are always a quotation. On Valentine's Day, the war against cliche is futile. Love itself is a cliche. Forget the delicately crafted newspaper message, or the quirky gift like the silver-plated "last Rolo". Buy a giant teddy holding a red satin heart. Or, better still, a helium balloon with a picture of a puppy and the words "I woof you". If you really must persist in this neo-Manichaean heresy, you might as well go with the flow.

Indeed. Few of us have the poetic skills of Shakespeare or Marvell, which makes Hallmark a Good Thing. On the other hand, you could cop P's attitude and refer to the occasion of Bitter Singles' Day. Whatever works for you. (Rachel)
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