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I ain't got time to bleed

Or anything else, for that matter. Got up at a disgustingly early hour to get breakfast before taking the Sportage to Midas for an exhaust system transplant, which set me back $400, and now I need to get P's box over to the post office before the Board meeting before the staff meeting before the staff party...yeah, a pretty busy day for a Saturday.

The Stipple collation is right out, unfortunately. I suppose it's just as well since I didn't have a zine ready for this disty either...at least the next collation has been rescheduled for the weekend after Anime Detour instead of the Saturday of the convention.

Also off the schedule is windelina's birthday party, unfortunately. There's just too much else going on today.

All that having been said, it's time to sort my papers, saddle up, and hit the road.