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Head-on collision between theory and praxis, film at 11

Lileks discusses the different shades of social conservatism in today's Bleat, in the context of being mau-maued by some local yokel who thinks JL is not a true social conservative because Gnat goes to a public school. Oh, the horror. Oh, the huge manatee. If that's the make-or-break bright line that divides the True Believers from the Godless Masses Sunk In Sin, that wing of the MN GOP is going to consist of about a dozen couples in Edina and Circle Pines, all of whom probably voted for Klobuchar last fall anyway the wealthy treacherous bastards.

The reality is that you can support the idea of giving parents educational options while subjecting your own offspring to the public schools. I did it. Mitch Berg does it. My father did it in his day, and all three of us would laugh in your face if you told us we were Cast Out from the conservative ranks for that one failure. There are plenty of reasons why you might send your child to the public schools. Poverty is one, which both Mitch and I are familiar with. You may not be happy with the private schools either, which was the case with my parents. (Dad was of the firm opinion that a Catholic school not 100% staffed with monks or nuns wasn't worthy of the name, but then he grew up in a different age.) Conversely, you may be happy with the local school, which seems to be the case with the Lileks family. It's not a matter of hypocrisy, it's a matter of exercising choice - which is something we'd like to see a lot more of in education.
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