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down (but not out) with the sickness

Dr. Swendroski prescribed amoxicillin for the crud in my sinuses and lungs, which ought to put paid to the infection if I can just get myself to bed at a decent hour for a few days in a row instead of staying up until all hours several times a week, as has been my all-too-frequent habit.

The increased dose of fosinopril (blood pressure medicine, which I'm taking not for my BP but because it apparently helps the other meds do their work) or the diet changes have kept my blood sugar mostly in the yellow (121-150 mg/dl) this week, with all my dinnertime readings in the green. The one last night before the meeting was 97, a number I haven't seen in months. I'd prefer to think it's the change in diet, because I really hate the permanent tickle in my throat that the fosinopril gives me. Another incentive to get the weight and the blood sugar down, as if I needed more of those.

Unfortunately one of the side effects of the antibiotic is that it hoses up some types of glucose test kits. I guess we'll find out if mine is one of them.
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