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All this and fluffy snow too

Today's been pretty busy. Plenty of upload files, a fair amount of research, instructing the ignorant, feeding the hungry...well, that was over lunch, so I guess that doesn't really count. Anyway, I think I legitmately spent seven out of the 7.75 hours I was on the clock doing what the Evil Banking Neighbor pays me for.

It would have been eight hours, but I was ungodly logy this morning and didn't get up until 0700, which meant I had to drive in to work. Oy, was that a bad idea...the traffic on I-35W was completely motionless between 66th street and Diamond Lake Road, which is where I finally got on and crawled into the Gaviidae ramp a few minutes before 0900. Still, being in a (relatively) heated underground garage all day was better for the Sportage than sitting outside all day, even if it did reach a balmy seven degrees above zero today. (It'll be 11 tomorrow. Yay.) True, it does mean that I get to drive home in the snow with all the people who can't remember what it's like to drive in snow from one week to the next. *sigh*

Tonight, a stop at the library to pick up Charles Stross' The Clan Corporate and drop off the books I have, and that's about all that's on my agenda.
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