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(from /b/, where else?)

Man, this cold just sucks the energy right out of you, especially when you're not feeling 100% to start with. Made the run to Rainbow, got milk and other dairy products -went a little overboard on the yogurt, but hey, it was diet Yoplait for 40 cents a cup- got home and just flopped. I was going to do some bread, but decided to fall back and just do pasta instead since it's relatively quick and easy and generates plenty of leftovers for lunch. Bread I can do tomorrow night.

Got lucky today at work and inherited a ginormous office chair from some group on the 13th floor that moved to another building and left all their stuff behind. This is pretty unusual; just about any time you move, you have to hauil all your crap with you, but I guess this section could easily afford to replace a $1500 office chair. The only way it could possibly be more comfortable is if it were a La-Z-Boy. Apparently somebody has decided that February is "Give Mr. Trainor A New Office Chair" month. *shrug*

So, yeah...pasta, Jack Vance, and /b/. There are worse ways to spend a Monday night.