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Sunday night

Got e-mail back from Intuit saying my returns had been accepted by the state and the Feds, but I need to log into the TurboTax site tomorrow and print out a signature form to send in to the IRS, since last year's return is somewhere on the Deskpro's hard drives and it's more work than it's worth to dig out the hardcopy from...wherever it is. (I swear, as an accountant I suck at recordkeeping.) So I go in, print off form, sign it, mail it, etc. and that should be that.

I slept in longtime this morning after staying up last night until the Worst Radio Show Ever came on, and on rising was pretty appalled at how the legs looked. They didn't hurt, though, so I showered and dragged myself out in the cold to hit Wendy's on the way to thaadd's place for Twilight Imperium. I enjoyed the socializing; the game not so much (even though I tied for a win) as it still seems to take forever to get things done. I know this is going to sound pretty hypocritical coming from somebody who used to enjoy GDW's Europa series games, but I think the main problem with Twilight Imperium is that there's just too much going on to keep track of. Every race has three special abilities, every turn you draw a strategy card that allows you to do something different (and the other players as well), there are action cards and objective cards and technological improvements and all of these things can interact with combat and movement and production and trade and...you see what I mean. The PC/console version of this, which will keep track of all this stuff for you, will probably be a lot more fun (imho) but in the meantime you have to play the game a lot to remember half of this, and playing the game can take quite a while when most of you have only played it once or twice. The plastic ship counters are a pain in the ass too. I would much rather have had just plain cardboard counters, personally, but a lot of folks really get excited by them and the game sells well, so...it's just my opinion.

It's still colder than the ninth circle of hell outside, but the Sportage still fires up reliably. It's not happy about this weather, that much is clear, but it still starts and runs, and that's the important thing. I want to pat her on the fender and say, "Don't worry, baby, Daddy will take you someplace soon where it never ever does this. I promise."
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