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You slither down the greasy pipe

As predicted, I did not in fact get back from the Sunday night shopping until midnight, and at that point I was dog-tired from all the running around but not sleepy, so I stayed up until 0200 watching Men In Black II, which contrary to the reviews I'd seen was an okay B-movie, on a par with the original flick. I'd picked it up at the 24-hour Wal-Mart in Eagan, which Melody & I had gone to in search of socks, sponges, and miscellaneous grocery items after stopping at the 98th & Lyndale Baker's Square for a late dinner, since the a/c in the apartment wasn't keeping up with the humidiity.

We probably wouldn't have gotten off to such a late start with the shopping had it not been for Saturday night's fun, which resulted in me misplacing my wallet, panicking when I didn't find it Saunday afternoon, cancelling all the Wells debit cards and ATM cards, and ultimately going forth to meet minionofamiee at the Brooklyn Park Baker's Square to talk about function space for gaming at AD without it, then coming home and stalling out for five hours because of the heat and humidity.

Of course, after searching for the damn wallet at the Sheraton and in the truck and in my wallet bag, it turned out to be in the stack of clothes I'd folded up at the Volunteer Party before swimming. All that stress for nothing. I didn't even do the homework that's due tonight in that five hours, I just lay there and played SimCity like a dolt. So the end result of all this is that I'm too burned out from lack of sleep to even think about going to class tonight. I'll have to phone it in and hope for the best.

I'm not 24 any more. When am I going to get a clue and stop trying to live as if I were?
Tags: movies, the bush of fandom
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