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Just when I thought the WaPo was safe...

...they get their moonbat credentials renewed with this piece of incoherent antimilitary crap. I'm not as pissed off about it as Uncle Jimbo, but then this is exactly the kind of stupid, senseless bashing of the troops I've come to expect from the Washington Post and its ilk. What does surprise me is that with all the retired military folks available in the Washington area, they picked this William Arkin character to be their national security correspondent. As Marc Danziger points out, this guy's credentials for reporting on the military are about as good as James Dobson's for doing rap reviews. When I first heard the article (Hugh Hewitt read it last night on his show) I thought Hugh might be exaggerating how badly written it was, but I can see now he was being generous. Jesus X. Christ, I've seen better grammar from high-school slashfic writers. Never mind all the errors of stupidity in there, which Uncle Jimbo beats into the ground with profane relish.

Some people might find it hard to believe, but within limits, soldiers have the same First Amendment rights to free speech as any other American, and this entitles them to speak their minds about people who claim to support the troops but at the same time denigrate the war effort. If Bill Arkin and the Post don't like it, that's just tough.

Greyhawk has some thoughts on the antiwar movement's atttitude towards the troops and its evolution over the last few years. Not sure I agree with him, but I can see how he reached his conclusion. (Instapundit)

UPDATE: Don Surber plays referee for the ongoing free-speech ping-pong match.) Instapundit)
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