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Action-packed weeknights

Single-digit temperatures or no, I have to go forth tonight and get a number of things done, the most important of which is picking up my support stockings from the UPS office in Eagan. I also need to open the box in the back of the Sportage labeled "Computer" and find out if it actually contains all the parts to P's desktop or whether my ex moved some of those parts to other boxes while in the process of repacking P's stuff. In any case, I'll be shipping whatever components I find in there tonight and the remainder sometime soon, depending on how long it takes me to find them in the pile of boxes now sitting in my ex's basement.

Tomorrow night, a programming meeting at the Diamond Cafe with thaadd and other folks.

Friday - not sure. It's P's birthday, but I'm not exactly in a position to zoom down to Washington and help her celebrate it. I have the feeling something will turn up.

Last night was taken up with badly-needed laundry and some grocery shopping; I bought some convenience foods to save on time in the morning (despite the higher price) because stopping for breakfast at McD's -or worse yet Brueggers- is even more expensive than most things microwavable in the morning, and it seems I never have time to stop and make a decent breakfast before I leave for work. All praise to the food industry for cheap and fast breakfast things!

In contrast to all this bidness going on after work is over, things are once again excruciatingly slow at the Evil Banking Neighbor.
Tags: domestic stuff, family drama, food, work
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