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So...I was thinking of doing some shopping and some laundry tonight. It was 13 degrees when I got on the 576 bus out of downtown, and that was tolerable*, so all systems go, right? Well, no.

I get off the bus at the P&R, and it seems a LOT colder. Then I head down Penn Avenue, and as I pass the bank just across the freeway overpass, their sign says 8 degrees. Then I get down to the SuperAmerica, where the fscking price of regular has bounced up thirty cents from last week and is now $2.17/gallon, and I get out of the truck...and I'm damned if it's eight degrees above zero. Especially figuring in the wind chill. I decided to just get half a tank (who knows, prices could drop later in the week) and take a quick swipe at the windows and lights. This I then did, and stopped at Gyropolis for some shawirma by way of dinner. Shopping and laundry are going to have to wait until tomorrow...and even then, I might punt the shopping. It's not like I really need anything that I'm out of.

*Note that I didn't say "okay". "Okay" is for temperatures closer to freezing, like, say, 25 degrees.