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Eh. Monday.

My shit was extremely flaky this morning, and I don't think the brain was firing on all cylinders until well after I got to work and was halfway through my morning mug of Guatemala. [Insert tasteless, extremely non-PC joke about why Guatemalan coffee tastes so great here.] One of the things I forgot to do was unplug the headphones from the laptop speakers and bring them with me, which meant that in addition to not having music on the bus ride in, I also had no music all day at work. I thought I would fix this by going out to Radio Shack in the morning and picking up a pair for work, but alas, the wonderful nice heavy stereo headphones they sell for $22 have a normal 1/4" stereo plug - and the 1/8" miniplug adapter not only is too fat to fit in either the Evo's headphone jack, it doesn't fit in the Palm's audio output jack for reasons that aren't immediately obvious to me. So this pair of good old-fashioned headphones will go home and stay home while the significantly more expensive Koss headphones become the traveling/work pair.

Today was unusually busy, so much so that I totally forgot about one of the things on my work calendar until my supervisor had left. Ah, well. She'll see it first thing in the morning and will hopefully sign off on it so I can mail it out when I get in.

It's apparently too early to be reading baseball statistics, since when I did this on the ride in and over lunch I got a headache. So I spent part of the afternoon reading Austin Bay's compendium of current military slang, Embrace the Suck. Very much worth $4, especially since you get a PDF version to read while you wait for the real thing to arrive in the mail. Highly entertaining, especially the entries on "combat gay" and "combat hot". Obviously I've never been in combat so I haven't seen these particular members of the grunt species, but I have known women who were "tactically hot". (Not in the Biblical sense, which is perhaps fortunate.)

And on that note, it's time to punch out and go home. Maybe laundry and shopping later. Maybe not.
Tags: baseball, books, domestic stuff, military stuff, tech stuff, work
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