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Too much fun

As usual, phoenixalpha and I arrived at the StippleAPA collation late, partially because we had waited to do our zines until the last miunute and partially because the host (Mike Louden) lives way out in Mound so that it took us about an hour to get there by way of Eden Prairie, Minnetrista, and other parts of the western suburbs I normally don't see except on maps. It was a nice drive on a lot of twisty turny county roads past various bays, coves and indentations of Lake Minnetonka and its surrounding blue features, and of course it was good to see Maetta, John, Jeanne, Judie, and the newly-employed Senor Snail there. Despite the small number of people showing up, the APA itself was big - two sections even before Melody and I showed up with our contributions and David Cummer's. Collating and socializing ensued; we watched an infomercial for John's company, which does the control systems for the electronic highway billboards used by MnDOT to notify motorists of lane closures, idiots going the wrong way, alien attacks, etc., which was pretty cool, and then I subjected people to anime music videos. Studio Hybrid's "Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot" (done with El-Hazard clips) was very well received, as was Vic Bond's rendition of the "Men In Black II" and "Witch Hunter Robin Reloaded" trailers, to say nothing of his "Die Another Day" AMV. Not so well received was "The NERV Evening News with Dan Rather", but I suspect people found it to be an in-joke that they didn't get, since only John had seen NGE from which all the clips came.

Dinner at Bobby D's restaurant in Mound followed, and very good it was, too. Then phoenixalpha decamped for the CONvergence Volunteer Party, which had quite a good turnout. I was able to get my T-shirt and a copy of the Opening Ceremonies Bootleg DVD, talk to a lot of people, many of whom expressed interest in coming to AD 2005, and spent some quality time in the hot tub and the pool. I also got a chance to talk to Patricia Wick, who is the finance person for CONvergence, who gave me much helpful advice on running the books for something as humungous as CONvergence, since I am going to need to know these things for AD. We left around midnight, thankful that we'd rolled up the windows on the Sportage, and motored on home to drink lots of water, take meds, and go to bed...

...where I stayed up until 4 AM playing SimCity, listening to the Root of All Evil (Earl's back from tour! Yeah!) and reading Ringo & Weber's March Upcountry before I woozed out and fell asleep. That pretty much shot whatever plans I had to do anything this morning right in the butt, since I slept through my alarm and on until noon, when I crawled out of bed, slammed down a cup of coffee, and sat down at the computer to find out WTF I was going to do this afternoon.

Part of it's going to involve a trip to the grocery store, since we are all out of bread, yogurt, milk, laundry detergent and other staples of life in this otaku bachelor pad. Why do I have the feeling I'm going to be dragging my butt home at midnight again?
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