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That was weird.

I must have been really keyed up last night - went to bed right after making the preceding post, but couldn't get to sleep and finally got up again to have a midnight snack of cheese and crackers. This settled my stomach and allowed me to nod off...at 0300.

Woke at 0915, tossed and turned for a couple more hours, and then got up at noon. Since neither thaadd nor I had done any communication for the programming meeting today, it didn't happen, and is being pushed back to next Thursday. Which leaves me with a whole afternoon to clean the apartment (or at least do dishes and bag up garbage) , bake bread, and somehow stay off my feet while doing so.

The right leg has erupted in several places and is oozing forth lymph fluids and (as far as I can tell from the bandages) some blood. No sign of infection, and hopefully with enough rest and frequent changes of bandages during the work week I can stave that off.

Pandora's been playing an interesting mix of electronica this afternoon, after an abortive detour into some emo crap by Morrissey and people like him that I squelched hard.
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