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Almost out of the woods, but first...

...another faceplant in the cold, cold snow. I had enough of a margin left in my checking account to cover the parking charges after driving to work from this morning's resume meeting at the Thunderbird, or so I thought until I got to work and found a number of u/i charges had whacked my balance into the red. I could scream, but it wouldn't help, and even as empty as the cube farm is at the Evil Banking Neighbor at this hour, it would Cause Problems.

So I think I'm going to go home, change the bandage on my leg (it's leaking now) make some pasta for dinner and sulk. Either that or start working one some of these registrations I have stacked up on the chair next to the desk.

At least the resume meeting went well, though my good feelings about that are likely to last only until Sunday's staff meeting.
Tags: anime detour, domestic stuff, medical stuff
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