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Hump day

I feel better about things in general after roughing out my Federal taxes last night. After a couple of years' protracted struggle with enormous tax payments due to one screwup or another, it's a real relief to be getting some money back, even if it's only a couple hundred bucks....and not having to come up with an extra $120 a month to throw at Uncle Sam will help the cash flow quite a bit, too. Here's hoping things work out at least that well with the state; with my luck I'll wind up owing the folks in St. Paul the money I get back from the Feds.

Work is. We had a bunch of rejects off the general ledger for mostly stupid reasons that I won't go into because they'd bore the crap out of you, frankly. Suffice it to say that I'm not filled with warm fuzzy thoughts for my brothers and sisters in Des Moines and San Francisco at the moment. Anyway, I'm hanging around the corporate intranet waiting for other people to do their thing so I can do mine. Bureaucracy in inaction. It's what makes us such an economic powerhouse.

Professor Death liveblogs the SOTU, with comments from other folks. Links to other liveblogs here. Comments on Jim Webb's response. Finally, some positive remarks from Arnold Kling at the Cato Institute on the President's health plan.

Cobb has some observations on immigration and blackfolks, and today's cartoon is also insightful but more snarky. Definitely worth reading is his review of Viva Pinata, which almost makes me want to buy the dumb thing.
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