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Discipline means doing the stuff you don't like because it needs doing.

So after I finish this I'm going out to do laundry instead of just buying another pack of socks.

Anyway, I made it through the day okay - the legs don't seem to be all horribly swollen and sore, I don't feel feverish, and I'm not even that tired, so whatever was wrong yesterday appears to have taken the day off. Thank God.

The registration meeting went well this morning, although I screwed up and told Dave and Jennifer that the meeting was at 1100 instead of 1000; I got hold of Dave but forgot Jennifer was coming. D'oh! Anyways, we went over a few things we'll be doing differently this year in Registration, ate breakfast, collected finished forms, handed out new forms, did a brief walk-through of the area we're going to be working in when the convention rolls around, and that was that.

The CVG meeting wasn't nearly so short, but then it started with an events department meeting, had a CVG/MISFITS Regency election in the middle, and finally got down to the business. It wound up being a five-hour meeting, basically. Fortunately we don't have another one until March.

OK, time to hit the laundromat.
Tags: anime detour, convergence, domestic stuff, medical stuff
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