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Motivator circuit stutter

A lot of you in my f-list seem pretty down and tired heading into the weekend, and while I wish I could offer some peppy inspirational stuff, I'm afraid that's just not on, since I'm kind of tired and burned-out myself. Still, I need to thrash on these registration forms and wash some socks, and if I don't do it tonight it probably won't get done at all this weekend. That would be bad.

Work started off pretty slow but ramped up right around lunch time, and I stayed busy all afternoon. I guess that's good.

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said to Ernest Hemingway "The rich are not like you and I," and that seems like as good a phrase as any to sum up Chas. Addams: A Cartoonist's Life, a fairly interesting (if light) biography of the man most famous for his creation the Addams Family. Addams himself was a life of the party type who lived very fast and moved in very rarefied circles - it's not everybody that gets to sleep with JFK's widow and Joan Fontaine, after all - but strikes me as the kind of fellow that never really grew up. Not that he had to; his cartoons for The New Yorker made him an extremely wealthy man, and he had the good fortune to marry (mostly) decent women who went their way without emptying his bank accounts in the process. It's an interesting book about a very interesting man. Recommended.

I've also been re-reading John Scalzi's Old Man's War and H. Beam Piper's Uller Uprising.
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