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Just a flicker, and the crowd moves on

Unsurprisingly, all the work I didn't do yesterday (since the office was closed for MLK Jr. Day) was lying in ambush for me today when I got in, and I spent the day thrashing on upload files, AU closures, and product changes. So I'm ready for the end of the day and then some. The plan is to swing by the library, pick up the copy of Stephen Pressfield's Gates of Fire that's waiting for me, and then head home. Maybe I'll stop and get some groceries along the way, since I'm out of eggs and low on milk; everything else, I have more than enough of.

UPDATE I also found the new Charles Addams biography and the not-so-new fifth volume of Stephen King's Gunslinger & Dark Tower magnum opus. Ha! Magnum opus! I kill myself!
Tags: domestic stuff, work
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