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New workbox

The old Compaq Deskpro I've been working with for a couple of years has now been replaced by a Compaq Evo, which if nothing else has a couple of USB ports in front so I can stick in a thumb drive and maybe start synchronizing my Palm Pilot with the work box, since I never do it with the home PC. Probably the worst part is having to go through and re-do all the settings for the software, reinstall stuff tlike my LJ client, and re-do all the stupid playlists in the stupid CD player because the retarded M$FT player can't download the album info off the internet and doesn't put the playlist info anywhere obvious like the old version did so you can save it. On top of that, WMP 9 crashes every time I try to install it, and the ancient version of WMP already on this POS can't play CDs. Aaargh.
Tags: tech stuff, work
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