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It's my day off, and the weather sucks.

Cobb has some thoughts on Dr. King and his legacy, if that's what you want. I don't have a lot to say about the whole deal that won't come off as cynical and sarcastic, so I'm just going to shut up about it.

We got 7" of snow overnight, which was enough to muck up the roads a bit and put some overconfident folks in the ditch. I came close, myself; took the ramp off Snelling onto Energy Park a bit too fast and thought for a few seconds they'd be cutting me out of the Sportage once they got me out of the hole at the bottom of the cloverleaf, but my reflexes are still good and I only bumped up over the curve. No damage, nobody kept waiting, and I continued on to Apria to get measured for a new set of support stockings...where I forgot to turn my lights off and wound up getting a jump from one of the delivery guys. I daresay the battery's recharged now, since I crawled home along I-94 to I-35W, going about 20 mph most of the way. Don't kid yourself, Minnesotans don't drive any better in this crap than Washingtonians, no matter what they say. Maybe outstate it's different, but here in the Cities? Feh.

There's stuff I could be doing, but I don't feel all that motivated. I'll probably do another loaf of the egg nog bread and slosh some brandy in there this time. Can't drink it, so I might as well bake with it, right? Speaking of baking, the oat bread turned out quite nicely. I substituted 3/4 cup of oats for the bread flour and added a quarter-cup of molasses besides, and got a nice, dense brown loaf with a good rise to it. Yum.
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