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You can't afford the ticket

The full weight of my student loan debt just made a precision strike on my brain, and I'm sitting here wondering just how the hell I'm going to work this off short of winning the Powerball or getting a job that I'm manifestly underqualified and overpaid for. Based on what Nelnet is charging for their one loan, Wells is going to want about $750 a month out of me over the ten years that the repayment period is supposed to run. Jesus. I'd better find myself a school full of poor folks so I can take advantage of the loan forgiveness program, or I'm going to be majorly screwed. I see a lot of tuna fish and ramen in my future unless I can whip this...

Well, it could be worse, I suppose. At least I have options.

Today, I have a board meeting before the staff meeting, and after that I'm going to come home and put my feet up. Maybe I'll finally do that egg nog bread I was talking about earlier in the week. I ought to do something with the egg nog before it spoils.

I had been thinking of visiting Washington after Detour, but after considering the student loan debt and other financial millstones I thought better of the idea. Thus the post title.
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